Transactional Analysis for Trainers - Ebook Download

-​Do you want to increase the impact of your training?
-Do you need to help others improve relationships and teamwork?
-Are you involved in creating healthy organisational cultures?

This book will help you apply the range of TA concepts potently, accurately and competently. Distilling the broad range of TA theories into accessible frameworks that suit organisational contexts. It contains both innovative approaches and practical guidelines for successful implementation.

Illustrated throughout with accessible and practical activities, this book:

- outlines the uses of TA and shows how TA can increase the impact of your training
- explores the relevant issues and methods necessary for successfully implementing TA
- includes chapters geared specifically at increasing the trainer’s effectiveness
- dispels the myths of TA and explains the benefits of analysis to enhance relationships

​Julie Hay is Chief Executive of training consultancy Psychological Intelligence Ltd - Julie has been the elected President of both the International and European TA Associations, as well as founding member and inaugural Chair of the UK based Institute of Developmental TA.

Having introduced the term developmental TA in 1995 to distinguish her approach from psychotherapy, Julie now leads the International Centre for Developmental TA, through which she provides training for others who wish to attain professional qualifications in developmental TA. Julie is an internationally accredited training and supervising transactional analyst in the organisational, psychotherapy and educational fields of application.

Julie has over 40 years experience in industry, the public sector, local and national government. She has been teaching TA for over 25 years in Eastern and Western Europe, Australasia, India, Asia, North, Central and South America. In addition to her TA qualifications, she is internationally licensed as an NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) Trainer and holds post graduate qualifications in management and for research into management competencies and assessment. Julie was a founding member and President 2006-8 of the European Mentoring and Coaching Council.


​1. Applying TA in Organisations
2. Contracting for learning
3. Understanding attitudes
4. Interpersonal styles
5. Working styles
6. Thinking styles​​
7. Working with others
8. Working in groups
9. Leadership Styles
10. Working with change
11. Creativity and innovation
12. Professional Super-Vision ​​

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