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​This MP3 audio recording (over 23 hours), contains a full NLP Practitioner Course presented live by Julie Hay in the UK.

The original recordings were approved several years ago by the ANLP (UK Association for NLP), which meant that Julie was the first UK-based trainer allowed to use her own tape sets to run accelerated courses leading to ANLP recognition.

An ‘optional’ accompanying NLP Practitioner manual contains handouts written by Julie for use on her NLP Practitioner Training Courses. In response to requests, she has also made the manual available to people who have not attended the programme. Julie is noted for her easy-to-understand writing style.

Incorporates 9 Modular Themes:

Running your own Brain
Shades of Meaning
Creating the Future
Precision Communication
Change Making
Hypnotism at Work
Metaphor Magic
Levels of Learning


The following is a list of the NLP manual content (and recording):

1. Objectives
2. What is NLP?
3. Origins of NLP
4. The Basic Assumptions of NLP
5. PRIMARY! - The Essence of NLP
6. Running your own Brain
7. The A - Z of Problem Solving
8. The Alphabet Chart Personnel Editing Format
9. Memory Mood Music
10. Rapport
11. Representational Systems
12. Eye Accessing Cues
13. Circle of Excellence
14. Sub-Modalities
15. Shades of Meaning
16. Timeline Sub-Modalities
17. Timeline Resourcing
18. Swish Pattern
19. Changing Beliefs
21. Strategies
22. Strategy Check
23. Strategy Elicitation: Learning
24. Reframing
25. Six-Step Reframing
26. The Meta Model
27. Decision Destroyer
28. Fast Phobia Cure
29. Resource States
30. Anchoring
31. Neurological Levels
32. Trance
33. Simple guide to inductions
34. Milton Model
35. Self Hypnosis Practice
36. Induction Practice
​37. Metaphor
38. Designing a Metaphor
39. Visual Squash
40. Creative NLP
41. Walk of Grace and Power
42. A summary of NLP
43. Logical Levels and Chunking
44. Chunking Up and Down your Learnings
45. ​Consolidating your Learnings
46. NLP & Transactional Analysis - Some Similarities
47. Handshake Interrupt
48. Truisms and Other Things
49. Contact Addresses
50. Booklist
​51. Glossary

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