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This is the English translated edition of the very successful Dutch management book Einstein and the Art of Sailing - A New Perspective On The Art Of Leadership.

The title of this book is a play on Pirsig’s Zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance. That book is no more about Zen Buddhism or engine maintenance, than ours is about Albert Einstein’s theory of relativity; and it has absolutely nothing to do with the actual art of sailing a boat or ship. So, why did we choose this title?

Written for and used by managers who want to explore their way of working. The question for them may be: How can I be more effective and more efficient at my job in such a way that it brings (more) joy to the workplace? Anne de Graaf and Klaas Kunst wrote this book for managers who want to achieve this without calling on their hierarchical position or personal power all the time. Managers who are not in a hierarchical position in their company can therefore also benefit from using this book. The book invites potential users to browse through its pages, looking for that piece of information, that story, those questions or even for a particular illustration that speaks to them regarding an issue they want to explore. This book is organised and indexed as a quick reference guide and therefore should be used, not (only) read!

Written by two trainers/consultants who worked for BMC, the largest consultancy company in the Netherlands, the authors are driven by the mission to improve the public sector. Anne de Graaf and Klaas Kunst both worked for years in that sector of Dutch society and also as managers. They know all about the possibilities and pitfalls managers and their staff encounter working for the public cause. The book was therefore written with the citizen, the patient and the student in mind. Improving the public sector is not a goal in itself nor is teaching and training managers. It is the citizens of a city, the patients of a health care institute and the students of an educational organisation that should gain from it! This book in Dutch was also bought by hundreds of managers from the private sector who were intrigued by the original and practical way the material is presented.

Note: We apologise that there are numerous references in this book to a website which was supposed to have an English language version. Unfortunately, due to reasons outside our control as publishers of the book, the authors did not manage to provide this. We note that even in Dutch, much of the website content is already contained in the book.


To Start With
Introduction to the Core Concepts: How this book is Structured
What Really Matters to You
Mainstream: Qualities of a Leader
Mainstream 1: The Task of a Leader
Mainstream 2: Better Questions Lead to Better Answers
Mainstream 3: Struggling with the Role
Mirrors: Reflections on the Person You Are
Mirror 1: It’s All About Your Point of View
Mirror 2: Intentions versus Effects
Mirror 3: When “Can” Turns into “Must”
Mirror 4: A Source of Energy?!
Mirror 5: Up To Here and No Further
Mirror 6: When We Grow Up
Mirror 7: What You Pay Attention To, Will Grow!!
Mirror 8: An Indefinable Process about Intangible Problems with an Inconceivable Outcome?
Mirror 9: Have Courage and Take Risks!
Windows: Perspectives on the System in Which You Work
Window 1: We are Building a Cathedral
Window 2: It’s Always like this Here!
Window 3: Part of the Solution?
Window 4: Change is a Process…
Window 5: Say What You Do and Do What You Say!
Window 6: Between Distance and Proximity
Window 7: Bonding and Discipline
Window 8: Here-And-Now or… Then-And-There?
Window 9: The Organisation’s Story

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