Dealing With Difficult People - MP3 Audio Download & Workbook PDF

- The first thing about dealing with difficult people
is realising that they think it’s you!

- The second is learning that
you have many more options than you thought!

- The third is enjoying the challenge of dealing with even the really difficult ones!​

To be successful at work and play, we need to be able to deal effectively with colleagues, customers, managers, junior employees, friends, family, officials, service providers, sales staff, administrators, people trying to influence us . . . . . .

​This set of over 3hrs of audio recordings was captured at Julie's 'Dealing with Difficult People' live seminar at Wembley Conference Centre. Originally made available as a set of audio cassettes (do you remember those!?!), you can now download these audio recordings to listen to on your MP3 player wherever you want.

Julie uses her usual fun and involving presentation style to introduce the audience to a range of theories, concepts and tools including assessing quadrant, ego states, strokes, drivers and some NLP ideas.

During this set of audio recordings you will learn about:

-how to build rapport and get on someone else’s wavelength
-the three keys to maintaining good relationships
-effective channels of communication - and when to use each
-our working styles - and how they help and hinder us
-how to handle aggression, over-adaptation and apathy
-how to dismantle your own BARs to assertiveness
-motivating yourself and others - and recognition patterns in your organisation
-stimulating creativity and encouraging innovation
-persuasion styles and leadership styles - for maximum motivation and impact

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